EU lawmakers, countries agree on bloc's first cybersecurity law

at 08:00 on 2015-12-08

From Reuters: Technology News:

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU lawmakers and member states struck a deal on the bloc's first cybersecurity law on Monday that will force Internet firms such as Google and Amazon to report serious breaches or face sanctions.…

The new law, known as the Network and Information Security Directive, sets out security and reporting obligations for companies in critical sectors such as transport, energy, health and finance. Web firms will be subject to less stringent obligations, than, say, airports or oil pipeline operators.

Under the measure, Internet companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Cisco - but not social networks like Facebook - will be required to report serious incidents to national authorities, which in turn will be able to impose sanctions on companies that fail to do so.

The article doesn't go into any sort of details as to why social networks are excluded, but shopping sites (Amazon, eBay) and companies who primarily work in hard tangibles (Cisco) are.